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Membership: Is the Village Network Right for You?

Many retirees are moving to this community to be closer to family – and are interested in building a new community for themselves. Others may be long-time residents, and have no close family, or family at a distance – or family close by with busy lives.

Others may no longer drive, and especially appreciate the door-to-door service provided our friendly volunteer drivers. Members of all ages, from 50 to 100+, explore new interests and friendships – creating new possibilities for what’s next in their lives.

We Would Love to Hear From You

Since each person's situation is unique, please connect with us so we can talk with you about whether joining the Village Network is something you’d like to do.

  • Call us at (707) 776-6055 to discuss memberships over the phone or set up a time to talk in person.
  • Email us at [email protected] with questions and some best times to call you.
  • Attend one of our monthly “Get to Know the Village” programs. You can find our schedule on the home page.

Membership Options

Membership in the Village is open to all residents of Petaluma and Penngrove who are 50+ years of age. Associate Membership is open to residents of other Sonoma County cities as well.

Members enjoy many interest groups, social activities, and events. With one phone call, you can schedule weekly volunteer services, access other community resources, and receive member-recommended referrals.

Associate Members enjoy the same benefits as members, with a maximum of three volunteer services a year. You’ll expand your connection and community now and for the future. To receive additional volunteer services, Associate Members who live in Petaluma or Penngrove may convert to Member status at any time, on a prorated basis.




$635/year (pre-paid, offers $25/yr. discount)



$935/year (pre-paid, offers $25/yr. discount)


Individual Associate Member


$345/year (pre-paid, offers $15/yr. discount)

Household Associate Members


$525/year (pre-paid, offers $15/yr. discount)

Our Membership Partners Program Helps Potential Members Afford to Join 

We offer subsidized memberships of $10/month for older adults living on limited incomes at or below 175% of Federal Poverty Level or less ($1770/month). Up to 20% of our members are part of this program.

If you’d like to learn more about eligibility or applying to be on our waiting list, call or email the office for an application, at 707-776-6055, or [email protected].


"Such wonderful people – Village volunteers excel in kindness. Thank you for all the ways you’re supporting me. I feel like I’m almost whole again"


“Volunteering to me is a way to put life into perspective. I feel like helping someone or doing something good for someone else is part of what is required from us as human beings…it’s making a difference in someone else’s life that is important.”